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Who we are

Telemática Sistemas Inteligentes is an integrated security management company that offers the best solutions for managing people, assets and companies.

The company is part of ICA Telecomunicações Group, and has been operating for over 35 years, offering a wide portfolio of products, services and security solutions, with projects developed according to the needs of each client.

Present throughout the national territory and in Latin America, Telemática Sistemas Inteligentes conducts business and develops projects for industries, banks, ports and airports, stadiums, clubs, schools, commercial establishments, service companies, logistics centers, oil and gas companies, mining companies, telecommunications companies, hospitals, public agencies, among others.

In order to offer the best in innovation, the company maintains, among other investments, four technological development centers located in Brazil and Europe.

Pioneering spirit, leadership and tradition

Telemática Sistemas Inteligentes is one of the most experienced and innovative companies in the development of Security solutions. Founded in 1980, it has always been a reference in its segment.

At the beginning of its operations, Telemática developed time attendance equipments that worked with punch cards and, soon after, started to manufacture access control solutions. Technological advances have allowed the capture and processing of data with barcodes, proximity by RFID, Smart Cards and, finally, biometrics and identification system.

As of 2007, with Suricato – a software platform that promotes interaction, integration and management of our security systems – the company started offering SECURITY solutions. For this concept, we promote the integration of solutions with maximum security, involving the physical and operational aspects.

In a modular way, Telemática solutions are compatible with any management project, as they ease the administration of monitoring processes, which allows real-time control and immediate actions in crisis management according to the company’s security procedures.

Telemática Sistemas Inteligentes is one of the most experienced and innovative companies in the development of Security solutions.

This speed of protection is only possible thanks to the online communication between the system and the controlling equipment. The exchange of information in real time provides to the customer the security to decide quickly, and even to check the status of each device.

Telemática Sistemas Inteligentes Structure

Estrutura Telemática Ssitemas Inteligentes

With its headquarters in the city of São Paulo, with 25,000 m² of built area and an office in Rio de Janeiro, Telemática Sistemas Inteligentes maintains a robust structure to serve its customers.
In addition, it has an extensive accredited network of Commercial Business Channels and Technical Assistance Channels, distributed throughout Brazil and Latin America. In terms of human resources, Telemática has 600 direct and indirect employees, partners and resellers.
Besides capillarity, another differential of the company is the achievement of ISO 9001: 2008 certification, responsible for ensuring the quality of products and services, establishing requirements for the improvement of internal processes, training of employees and suppliers.


Develop, manufacture, provide, deploy, maintain and manage integrated Security solutions so that all interested parties feel safe.


To be the leading company in integrated security solutions in Latin America.


  • Quality and Integrity in our conduct and in everything we do.
  • Continuous improvement of our work processes and practices, adapting their variability.
  • Initiative and Agility in meeting the changes required by the market and the needs of our customers.
  • Innovation with Sustainability, ensuring our permanent presence in business.
  • Valorization of Human Capital, respecting diversity and privileging relationships of trust.
  • Commitment to Planned Results through the self-responsibility of leaders and teams.