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Telemática / TSI Facial Access Control

TSI Facial Access Control

Non-contact Facial Reader, with temperature and mask detection. Fast and accurate facial recognition for access control and time-attendance.


  • Infrared Temperature Measurement: - Accuracy ± 0.3 °C. - Measurement Distance: 0.5 to 2.7m.
  • Face Detection; - Recognition rate > 99.5%.
  • 8-inch Touch Screen; - Displays measured temperature; - Mask use warning; - Sound Alarm;
  • Proximity Card Reader.

TSI Facial Access Video (Temperature and Mask Detection)

Compatible with
Access Controls

face recognition light telematica

Light Facial Recognition

Face Recognition (Lite Version) is a 7-inch-screen device for real-time identity management and access monitoring.


In addition to a database with support for up to 5,000 faces, the device has a 7-inch screen, offering ease of use for organizations that need authentication through facial recognition. The device can identify the user’s face within a radius of up to 2 meters in less than a second.

Vitality detection and watch list compilation (white/blacklist) are introduced to increase security. With real-time push alert, office administrators or security staff will be notified of unauthorized visitors or identity fraud.

The easy-to-use web dashboard allows central management for multiple devices, instant access log updating, data visualization and analytics functions with just one click.

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