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Totem TSI Touch

Family of interactive products for access control.

The Totem Touch was developed to ease the access control of visitors and employees.
• Receptions: the visitors can access the company without any kind of physical contact, just having the visit scheduled and authorized by the person visited. In a practical way, the Totem requests the document number, data confirmation, captures the photo and provides the ID (proximity card, QR Code or barcode).
Integrating Totem Touch with Suricato allows:
• Reduction of queues at entrances and receptions
• Full control of all visitors traceability in a single software
• Report Generator available

• Online system, which can be accessed anywhere
• TCP/IP communication interface
• Reduction of operational processes
• Compatible with many identification technologies: proximity card, barcodes, radio frequency, QR Code and biometrics (1:N or 1:1).

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