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Telemática / Turnstile NG TSI
Torniquete TSI

Full-height Turnstile NG TSI

Security and Full Control

Full-height Turnstile NG by Telemática provides total security and strict control of people's access.

Combined with the versatility of Telemática Controllers, it is an ideal intrusion-proof solution for any environment, which provides a high level of security.


  • Individual access control;
  • Anti-double entry and access waiver management;
  • Bidirectional: rotates to both sides;
  • Open access in case of emergency;
  • Compatible with MD 400, SmartSense, Microdin Armis and other controllers available;
  • Metal support for controllers;
  • Lateral upper closure as standard;
  • Robust mechanism with locking system in both directions;
  • Pre-positioning system at carousel stop;
  • Independent bicolor pictogram at entrance and exit (green to indicate allowed access and red to indicate unauthorized access);
  • UPS with autonomy of up to four hours.


  • Finish option: painted carbon steel, AISI 304 / AISI 316L stainless steel, painted carbon steel with side closure in curved laminated glass (10 mm) and AISI 304 / 316L stainless steel with laminated glass closure (10 mm);
  • Carousel with tube arms;
  • Collector for visitor cards.
NG TSI Simple Painted
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