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TSI Turnstile SW Line

SW Classic TSI

The SW TSI Turnstiles are sophisticated, modern and efficient locks for access control in places such as: Condominiums, Buildings, Business Centers, Clubs, Universities, Hospitals, among others.


  • Compatible with the main readers: Smart Card, Facial Biometrics, QR Code, Proximity, TSI Biometrics, Bars;
  • Use with unidirectional and bidirectional flow with the possibility of blocking a single flap or double flap;
  • Opening and closing time of 1s;
  • Anti-crush function;
  • Flow control sensors with rotating flaps;
  • Swindle and hitchhiking attempt alarm;
  • Interface for integration with fire alarm control panel;
  • Stainless steel or painted carbon steel cabinet;
  • Compact design;
  • Acrylic or polycarbonate flaps with the possibility of customizing the company's logo or material (optional);
  • Low consumption motor, with programmable speed, accelerating and decelerating the opening and closing of the flaps;
  • Guidance through luminous pictograms;
  • Audible warning for Allowed and Denied access;
  • PCD corridor configurations according to the project;
  • Bivolt power supply (110V and 220V);
  • Approved with the Suricato Management Platform.

SW Compact TSI

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