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Feel Safe

Telemática’s specialty is to promote security so that its clients can manage, develop and maintain focus on their work. This is our business! This is our mission!

Telemática is a leader in the development, innovation, production and integration of solutions in products and services that ensure an excellent environment for its customers to focus exclusively on their work, with the best and most adequate security that technology can offer.

SURICATO is a multilingual software for the integrated management of security and access control. Advanced features ensure that different segments, regardless of the size of the company, have the peace of mind of being able to count on real-time supervision and management. Using the facilities to operate in a 100% web environment with real-time management, Suricato offers total control of the company’s plants, which can be configured and managed individually, respecting its own characteristics.

The SURICATO acts on several security fronts and, when integrated with the Telematic CCTV System (Closed Circuit Television) and approved manufacturers, allows the convergence of systems in a transparent manner to the end user, with real-time visualization of the controlled areas. Its intuitive, dynamic and navigable interface allows SURICATO to offer quick decisions in the processes of event, alarm and access management.


•Alarm management;
•Access management;
•Identity management;
•Time attendance management;
•Hospitality management;
•Vehicle access control and fleet management;
•100% Online environment solution;
•Fully compatible with time attendance systems, ERP and payroll systems;
•Online graphical monitoring (time attendance equipment, access control, cameras and alarms).

What is a Suricato?

SURICATO is the Portuguese word for meerkat. The meerkat is a mammal of the mongoose family. They live in groups in the most inhospitable areas on the planet. Meerkats divide their groups in the tasks of patrolling the nests and watching the area they occupy. One group is always alert while the others sleep, look for food or play.
“A MEERKAT always guarantees support so that the group feels safe in its tasks.

Solution Topology

Alarm Management

The ease of interacting with SURICATO is evident when using the system’s graphical interfaces, which demonstrates total concern for the end user. In a crisis situation, agility in taking corrective actions is essential for the business environment to remain profitable. SURICATO graphically monitors the controlled environment, allowing quick actions with the procedures displayed on the screen at the time of the alarm. The ease of plant configuration and clarity of information make graphic monitoring a fundamental and powerful tool for security.

Through the plant of the monitored location, SURICATO allows:

  • Real-time monitoring of alarm or access events, controller operating status and access under duress;
  • Procedures that help operators make decisions displayed on screen;
  • Treatment and acknowledgment of alarm and access events;
  • When integrated with approved CCTV systems, it displays, live, the image of the place where the alarm occurred on the same screen;
  • Audible alarms even allow for pre-recorded messages advising users;
  • Priority setting for displaying alarms;
  • Exact location of the alarm site;
  • Editing the plan, allowing the inclusion/exclusion of devices.

Access Management

Access control allows the management of the transit of visitors, contractors and employees of your company
without lacking flexibility in the definition of security policies, respecting locations, dates, periods and work shifts.
It even allows the mapping and tracking of access routes to ease the location of people.
SURICATO allows you to manage more than one plant online in the same installation, with specific policies and
configurations, including different tax numbers. The same can be done for remote installations managed by a
single control center.
The processes in which immediate benefits are noticed are:

•Entrance and exit control, with different levels of
access and anti-double entry system,
Visit pre-scheduling and alarms in an attempt to
bypass the system;
•Study of risk areas;
•SURICATO provides data and can work fully
integrated with time attendance systems. This
integration allows the access control system to control
holidays, terminations, daylight saving time and time
zone. Plant management minimizes the risks of labor

•Localization of people;
•Access control linked to the expiration date of the
service provision contract;
•Service and legislation in the control of restricted
areas and distribution of PPE;
•Reduction of work accidents with online monitoring;
•Management of crisis situations;
•Blocking and releasing online access of people;
•Cafeteria management with credit management.

Identity management

Safety should not affect labor productivity. The mapping of access profiles provided by SURICATO fits to the customer’s value chain by the precise combination of many technologies that are part of Telemática’s expertise.
The use of passwords, user authentication with biometrics, smart cards, among others, optimizes internal processes, including the client’s business partners, contractors and temporary employees with security warranties.
The right person, in the right place, at the allowed date and time, with all restrictions integrated without harming the customer productivity and improvement in process control and auditing.

•HR – in the management of the employee’s data cycle, including transfers, admissions and internal movements, reduction of labor actions – through SURICATO Message Controller – functionality that allows the management of pre-configured messages that are shown in Codin based on the expiration of documents.
Example: birthday, occupational health certificate, Workplace Safety training, Driver’s License, PPE, Integration and so on.
•IT – Suricato allows agility in the administration of workflow and network sers, reducing risks of accumulation of different identities;
•HR and IT – security in mapping access profiles;

•Logistics in the administration of contracts with contractors and temporary workers;
•Identification: badges using smart cards, RF(proximity) cards, tags, RFID and even encrypted barcode. Keys for accessing card information;
•Preparation of layout for printing and route control of badges;
•Online block and release and automatic badge on system or through the access controller collector;
•Security with more levels of identification and authentication: badge and password, id and password, biometrics. When using a proximity card, all nformation is card memory.

Time Attendance Equipment Management

SURICATO allows the integration of different time control platforms offered on the market through features such as:

•Online management of equipments CodinReP and
•Information storage through TXT file, database, DLL or
native form;
•Availability of standard AFD file according to ordinance
1510 – for consultation with the HR administrator;

•Online monitoring of all alarm signals provided by the time attendance equipment through screen messages, sms, e-mail. Examples: low quantity of paper in the
printer, paper roll, insertion of a pen drive in the audit port, activation of the quick report button, opening of the housing, network failure.

Vehicles Access Management

This ease of use of SURICATO assists the logistics, services and reception processes of our clients’ business partners through:

•Scheduling the use of vehicles fleet;
•Control of documentation, occurrences and claims;
•Control of fleet drivers, authorized vehicles, driver’s
•Reports: owner, vehicle records and movements;
•Control of entrance and exit of vehicles in the company’s fleet, employees / contractors, loading and unloading vehicles.

•Access permission for vehicle exit validating the driver’s badge together with the vehicle’s tag or card or recognition of the license plate via OCR
(when integrated with the Telemática CCTV System);
•Parking Control.

Simultaneous capture tower – for single-sided and two-sided documents
Control, distribution, and printing of temporary badges for employees, contractors and partners with the capture of photo and data from the front and back of the document presented and / or biometrics
Control of input and output of material from employees and visitors
Persona non grata control
Searches during access integrated with electronic barriers, activating a siren, lamp, or alarm
Registration of access for visitors, companions and visiting groups
Visits pre-scheduling, by the administrator, which provides agility

Online tracking of visitor transit
Visitors stay control by date and time with mapping of places where they will have access
Definition of special visits control
Collection and automatic check of badges at the time of the visitor’s departure
Control of personal protective equipment for visitors
Procedure for security video control with validity data aligned with the next return visit
Record of all visitors’ accesses and attempts.

Web Operating Environment

The complexity of the globalized business environment causes those responsible for safety sometimes move from their workplaces. With SURICATO, the entire system can be controlled in a centralized way. Corporate access to the management controls of remote, disassisted or hostile plants, support these professionals in the constant effectiveness of their work.

  • Use through intranet and Internet;
  • Reduction of data traffic on the network;
  • Remote system maintenance;
  • Centralized data update – database and application – no need for installation on client machines;
  • Access Suricato locally or remotely, with an intranet or internet connection link, once provided for external access;
  • Easy use of the scheduling routine of visits and monitoring;
    • Suricato uses data protection by digital certification (HTTPS);
    • Compatible with all main browsers;
    • User operation log, allowing traceability;
    • Filter restriction – restricts data access between companies by user level;
    • AJAX – faster and user-friendly applications;
    • Authentication with Microsoft Active Directory available – Centralization in User Management;
    • Security and flexibility directives in the management of system users with specific rules.

    Suricato SAAS – the best in security now in Cloud mode

    Telemática has in its portfolio SAAS (Software) and IAAS (Hardware) as service provision. The solution consists of four layers of technology: infrastructure, virtualization, orchestration, and Internet connectivity.

    This solution allows the use of software without the need for any type of installation and licenses because the servers are in a highly secure cloud solution with huge processing and storage capacity.

    Robust infrastructure with more than 3000 virtual servers, running in Brazil in two units, enabling the customer to hire an additional geographic redundancy service
    Connectivity with the main market operators and with PTTMETRO “Traffic exchange point – managed free service traffic exchange between IP networks”
    Infrastructure monitoring for 24 hours x 07 days per week x 365 days a year, guaranteeing 99.982% availability
    Extremely secure, fault-tolerant solution, with detection and intrusion prevention, firewall running in clusters, integrity monitoring, registration inspection, malware and 100% encrypted data. Certifications: Tier 3 and Trend Ready
    Extremely flexible architecture, allowing you to increase or reduce resources easily in seconds “processor, RAM, bandwidth, storage”
    Allows remote access/security, point and CCTV control systems management.

  • Robust infrastructure with more than 3000 virtual servers, running in Brazil in two units, enabling the client to contract an additional geographic redundancy service;
  • Connectivity with the main market operators and with PTTMetro “Traffic Exchange Point – free managed traffic exchange service between IP networks”;
  • Monitoring the infrastructure 24 hours x 07 days a week x 365 days a year, ensuring 99.982% availability;
  • Extremely secure, fault tolerant solution with intrusion detection and prevention, firewall running on clusters, integrity monitoring, registry inspection, malware and 100% encrypted data. Certifications: TIER 3 and Trend Ready;
  • Extremely flexible architecture, allowing you to easily increase or decrease resources in seconds “Processor, RAM, bandwidth, HD”;
  • Allows you to remotely manage access control/security, time and attendance and CCTV systems.
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