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Metal Detector - Portal

Equipment designed for strict access control in banks, companies, government institutions, ports, airports, commercial establishments and other segments.

It has advanced technology in access control and personal security, being used in modern urban centers around the world. In the portable or portal version, it avoids the entry of weapons or any other metallic object that offers risk to the establishment. With perfect finish and modern design, it adapts easily to any environment.


  • Microprocessed equipment with non-volatile EEPROM memory;
  • Detection of eight (8) horizontal, homogeneous and independent areas;
  • Sensitivity automation through metallic or manual sample with 100 independent levels per area;
  • Efficient detection capability. Eg: firearms, bladed weapons, medium-sized tools, etc.;
  • Adjustment between personal metallic objects (non-ferrous metals) and potentially dangerous metallic items (ferromagnetic metals);
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference within the ranges described in the international standards IEC 61000-4-6, IEC CISPR 22 and IEC 61000-4-3;
  • Online control and management of coercion events;
  • All alarm and access events are monitored in real time;
  • It is possible to monitor up to 6 alarms and activate devices such as: sirens, lamps, air conditioning, among others.


  • Polymer control panel with 02 lines alphanumeric liquid crystal Big Number display with 16 columns;
  • Intuitive navigation (menus);
  • Alphanumeric password with 02 access levels (user / technician);
  • Multiple frequency channels for installing various equipment in the same environment;
  • Event counter;
  • Relay output (10A) NO / NC, allowing to command or activate other devices from detection signal;
  • Operates in climatic conditions between -10°C to + 55°C and from 0 to 95% humidity (without condensation).
  • Power supply: 90 to 240VAC, 50-60Hz.
  • Total consumption: 30W.


  • Eight detection zones indicated by LEDs on the sidebar with independent operation by zone;
  • Bargraph – Metallic mass indicator on the equipment panel;
  • Audible metal detection warning (when using two or more devices, it identifies the equipment that triggered the audio).

Compact with high-strength automotive polymer structure with anti-vandalism or sabotage system. Optional waterproof structure for protection against weather conditions such as sun and rain. Custom colors on request. Equipment does not pose a risk to pacemaker wearers. Certified by technical report and one year warranty.

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