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Telemática / Microdin Armis Portable

Microdin Armis Portable

Microdin Armis Portable provides security in access control systems in scenarios where mobility is imperative.

The integration between the equipment and the central system is complete, and the configuration of each user’s profile is respected even when he is in transit. It works together with the Telemática software line which, among other features, allows managing restriction lists, timetables, password lists and other user profile settings for perfect convergence with the access control system or time attendance systems electronic.

Main features

• Readers available:
– 125 kHz proximity (standard Wiegand);
– SmartCard Mifare 13.56 MHz;
– 2D reader (Bar Code / QR Code);
• Portable equipment with reduced dimensions, light and robust;
• Non-volatile internal memory;
• Internal, rechargeable battery with thermal protection.

Technical specifications:
• Dimensions (mm) H x W x D: 200 X 105 X 35
• Approximate weight: 0.5 kg
• Memory: 8 GB
• Communication: Wifi / GPRS
• Screen: Touch Screen
• Readers: Proximity, SmartCard, Bars and QR Code
• Sound Indicator: Piezoelectric Buzzer
• Telematics System: Offline or Online.

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