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Telemática / TSI integrators

TSI integrators

Protection and Security for your company.

The line of Turnstiles for Integrators was developed with high technology, modern and robust design for the access control of users, providing greater security and protection.

Efficient for access control in places such as:


  • Most complete control interface card on the market;
  • Animated pictogram signaling passage authorization or blocking - all models;
  • Release of bidirectional access;
  • Optical rotation sensors prevent mechanical wear;
  • Side direction orientation pictogram (PD and GB models);
  • Innovative design;
  • Possibility of customization.

Optional Features

  • Card collector safe;
  • Control board for integration with other devices;
  • Fully integrable with time attendance systems, ERP and payroll;
  • Fixed or retractable arms;
  • UPS battery (nobreak);
  • Electromechanical counter;
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