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CODINCeP 3000 is the best tool for electronic time attendance system, ensuring safety and reliability in the management of recordings, according to the requirements of Ordinance 373/11 of M.T.E (Brazilian Ministry of Labour).

  • It is the fastest and most capable CeP in the market.
  • It has UPS (nobreak) as a standard item, ensuring autonomy of up to eight hours of operation.
  • Prepared for the future! It has IPV6, the latestversion of the Internet Protocol.
  • Hybrid architecture: On-line, Off-line and Stand-Alone (USB) operation.

Strong, ergonomic and safe enclosure

  • Online event monitoring: control, insertion of pen drive, RIM printing.
  • 5” color touch screen display, easing its use and operation.
  • Biometric reader with live finger validation (LFD Technology).
  • Employer access USB for charging and data collection (employer, employees biometrics and events).

It manages up to 100 thousand employees, stores up to 17 million records, simplicity in management and operation, best lifespan in the market.

100% fraud-proof




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