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Ideal for companies compliants to Ordinance 373/11, meeting all the requirements of M.T.E (Brazilian Ministry of Labour). Harmonious design, wide variety of settings and mode of communication online and offline are just some of its characteristics. The implementation of an advanced technology in its development allows that, in case of necessity, it becomes a CODINReP.


  • Harmonious design, available in colors: black and stainless steel;
  • Wide variety of configurations: allows the use of barcode reader, proximity, Smart Card and fingerprint biometrics;
  • Memory with capacity to manage up to 120 thousand employees;
  • Allows online and offline communication;

Invest in your company with the benefits of CODINCeP


Pop-up on the user’s screen, SMS and e-mail, through the Suricato software, indicating:

  • That the paper is near the end, from 500 to 800 tickets;
  • End of paper roll;
  • Opening of the cabinet;
  • The communication of CODINCeP in an online or offline situation;
  • Pen drive connected;
  • Loading progress of pen drive data;
  • RIM - Instantaneous Recording Report;


  • Guarantee in the supply of supplies;
  • Maintenance contract offer, including paper roll replacement;
  • Allows management and operation via SaaS;
  • Extensive network of exclusive Telemática’s channels prepared to provide all the support needed during the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the solution;
  • Financing by BNDES and FINAME;


  • Printer with frontal removal of the ticket allowing greater agility in recording the time attendance and avoiding long lines, ‘easy load’ mechanism, for greater speed, ease of paper roll exchange and less incidence of problems due to the accumulation of waste, all this with speed and agility;
  • Paper roll with greater autonomy, up to 11,360 tickets with a 360-meter roll or 150-meter roll with 4,733 tickets;
  • Smallest ticket in the market, providing more savings and doubling the use. Optional printing, the user decides whether to print or not.
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