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The BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) card offers the following advantages:

  • Revolving credit and pre-approved;
  • Credit limit of up to R$ 1 million, by BNDES Card and by issuing bank;
  • Payment term up to 48 months, with fixed and equal installments;
  • Exempt from annual fees;
  • Attractive interest rateNational micro, small and medium-sized companies (companies whose gross annual revenue is up to R $ 90 million), which carry out economic activities supported by the BNDES and which are up to date with the INSS, FGTS, RAIS and federal taxes can obtain the BNDES card.

Enter the address:, click on “Request your BNDES Card” and follow the instructions provided by the BNDES Card Website.

The company can request the BNDES Card while providing the opening of the current account, which will be necessary, since the definition of the limit, the granting of credit and collection are the responsibility of the bank issuing the BNDES Card.

The banks that currently issue the BNDES card are: Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa Econômica Federal, Banrisul and Itaú. It is possible to request a BNDES Card at each issuing bank and combine their limits for making purchases.

The BNDES Card can be used to purchase more than 150 thousand items from various sectors, displayed on the BNDES Card Operations Website by accredited suppliers, ranging from computers, furniture and utensils to motorcycles and trucks.

But you, Telemática customer, can purchase the best access control products or electronic point on the market, access the website click on “Product Search”, and type the word “Seguridade” or “Telematica”, to view our products.


It is the financing, through accredited financial institutions, for the production and acquisition of new machines and equipment, of national manufacture, accredited by BNDES.

Finame is a BNDES product and is divided into Financing Lines, with specific financial objectives and conditions, to better meet customer demands, according to the beneficiary company and the financeable items.

The financing lines that serve the Telemática’s products are:

  • FIN – BK Lines, Finame Products and Finame Leasing Products for Industry, Commerce and Services (Finamable);