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Telemática / Armis Plus Vehicle Barrier

Armis Plus Vehicle Barrier

The Armis Plus Barrier have the latest technology for precise and reliable control in vehicle access.

Gate Armis Plus Telematica

Armis Plus Barrier by Telemática

Automatic gate with galvanized steel cabinet, anti-corrosion treatment and electrostatic painting that guarantee great resistance against the action of time. Available in straight (aluminum arm) or folding (aluminum arm) models, which can be fixed on either side of the gate body, it also has a retracting system. The Armis Plus Barrier by Telematica is suitable for parking lots and other places with an intense flow of vehicles. The mechanism’s technology prevents the motor from heating up, delivering great performance and greater durability, being able to perform a heavy quantity of cycles with low power consumption.


  • Low power consumption, providing more autonomy when UPS is needed;
  • High speed in opening and closing the barrier;
  • Low maintenance (motor with great durability);
  • Quiet operation;
  • Soft Start / Stop (smooth and precise movements);
  • Cabinet with space for UPS;
  • LED Arm (optional).
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