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Telematica Seguridade Inteligente

Who we are

We are an integrated Security management company with the best solutions for managing people, assets and companies. For over 35 years offering a broad portfolio of products, services and solutions.

We have as mission

Develop, manufacture, provide, deploy, maintain and manage integrated Security solutions, so that all interested parties feel safe.

We are Telemática

Pioneering spirit, leadership and tradition

Quality policy

Meeting the requirements of the Quality Management system with work, responsibility and technology, through standardization and continuous improvement of our processes.


  • Continuous improvement
  • Quality
  • Quality in service
  • Pride and Commitment
  • Sustainability and Fulfillment
Letter from the President

Quality, innovation, creativity

BNDES Banco nacional do Desenvolvimento


  • Revolving and pre-approved credit
  • Up to 48 months
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Exempt from annual fees


It is the financing, through accredited financial institutions, for the production and acquisition of new machines and equipment, of national manufacture, accredited by BNDES.

Finame, bndes para o seu financiamento de produtos e serviços telematica
Quality and Integrity

in our conduct and in everything we do

Continuous Improvement

of our work processes and practices, adapting their variability

Innovation with Sustainability

ensuring our permanent presence in business

Valuation of Human Capital

respecting diversity and privileging relationships of trust

Integrated Security Management®

Present throughout Brazil and in seven countries in Latin America

• Brazil • Bolivia • Chile • Colombia • Mexico • Panama • Paraguay • Peru

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ReP3000 Homologado INMETRO Telemática

Reduce labor liabilities

ReP3000 Telemática Approved by Inmetro (Brazilian Institute of Metrology)

CodinRep 3000

The best solution for Electronic Time Attendance Registration, ensuring security and reliability in the management of appointments.
ReP3000 Homologado Inmetro Telemática
ReP3000 Homologado Inmetro Telemática
ReP3000 Homologado Inmetro Telemática
ReP3000 Homologado Inmetro Telemática
Security Consulting
Telemática Sistemas Inteligentes offers to the market qualified professionals to create Security projects. By visiting the customer's plant, our consultants are able to indicate the best strategy to provide the best security solutions to the customer and its employees.


Some of our main customers

Our team of consultants is ready to find the ideal solution for your project.